Coffee, Cardamom and Double Chocolate Cookies


Fabulous No Knead Cheese Bread


Taste of the Danforth

I'm back just in time! I hope you guys had a wonderful summer ( I know, It's not over yet), I hope you had fun, took some time off etch..
This weekend was the 19th annual Greek Food Festival "The taste of the Danforth" here in Torontos Greek Town. The weather was somehow blue and you had second thoughts of going there.. Well, yes you had second thoughts, but not me! I enjoyed the fact that the place was not so packed. Well it was packed allright but if you think that past attendance numbers have reached as high as 1.3 million people over the three day event you can understand that the weather did us a favor :) Anyways, it didn't rain at all, we had fun, a nice walk and a delicious souvlaki!

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