Greek Risotto with shrimp and zucchini

Back in Greece we traditionally use a local variety of rice called Carolina. It’s not so easy to find it here in Canada although some big markets got it in their Greek sections..If you cant find Carolina Rice you can use the Italian style rice.


Green salad with Fennel, Orange and grilled Scallops


Pork tenderloin stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, bell peppers and feta cheese

Yummy dish , easy to make although it doesn’t seem that way. Use your imagination and fill your pork fillets with whatever ingredients you desire.


Beet Salad with yogurt and walnuts

Classic Greek salad with beets and yogurt. One of my favorites, hearty and refreshing! 


Cretan Kaltsounia filled with anthotyro cheese and fresh mint

We love Crete so much..! Lovely people, amazing landscapes, great culture and excellent food!
I decided to make Cretan Kaltsounia  and bring Crete a little closer.. So.. Last Saturday we traveled once again to Crete with these traditional mini cheese pies!


Tender Potato salad with sundried tomatoes, green onions and lemon vinaigrette

 Who wants to stay inside a kitchen when the weather is too hot? Thank God for Barbeque and this salad can be the perfect side for steaks, burgers even fish. Simple and delicious!


Chubby home made Loukoumades :) (Greek Donuts)

(In Greek)

Traditional Greek Loukoumades is the breakfast food that I grew up with.
Every weekend our breakfast table was full of fresh fruits, yogurt, honey and Loukoumades!
These chubby donuts are so delicious and you can have them drizzled with honey or Maple syrup.


Greek Shrimp “Saganaki” (Oven baked)

This is one of my favorite appetizer recipes, very common in Greece, especially when you’re sitting by the sea with friends drinking Ouzo!


Venus ..! (Fish fillet with capers, olives and cherry tomatoes)

My friend Vicky sent me this recipe, it is a simple Fish recipe with great Greek ingredients.

Bell Peppers Pie with Ham and Poppy Seeds

This is another amazing pie filled with colored bell peppers, ham and tomato sauce,  full packed with vitamins and so yummy!

Greek Giouvetsi (orzo) baked with chicken rolls

A rustic dish, inspired by a traditional Greek Recipe which it is more often cooked with beef.

Delicious Mushroom Pie

This is a pie that will blow your mind. My friends and family loves it, I hope you will too!

Layered Beet salad with yogurt sauce and balsamic vinegar

Pretty impressive salad, easy to make, light and simply delicious.

Avocado and orange green salad

This is one of my favorite salads, it goes really well with fish dishes or red meat dishes.


Easy mini cheese pies

Kids Favorite mini pies.

Chicken Pie with Carrots and Zucchini

Back in Greece pies are a must have dish in the table. I really love them they're inside my DNA!
This pie is really easy to make and so delicious!

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