Tigania – Smothered Pork and Chicken with olives in a winey sauce


Tiropsomo – Traditional Cheese-Bread with a modern twist


Quince Traditional spoon sweet

One of my favourite spoon sweets and one of the most famous in Greece.  The sweet and a bit of sour quince is absolutely a must try!


Pasta with bell peppers and light Greek yogurt sauce

I love pasta in combination with Greek yogurt! Try this recipe and you’ll find out what I mean. It’s such an easy and light dish yet so fresh and hearty!


Delicious (Rolo Kima me Vassiliko) Meatloaf with basil sauce

You can still find some basil on the market ( in case you don’t have it in your garden).. this is a super delicious dish, so easy to make, with such an aroma that will blow your mind!

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