(Lachania) Pork with cabbage and capers

This is a traditional dish well known in North Greece.
In my hometown it is traditionally made with pickled cabbage (sauerkraut) and in the past years it was the main dish for Christmas.
I am giving you a lighter version with fresh white cabbage and tangy capers.
It’s just delicious!

Ingredients (4 people)

500 g pork cubes (you can use any part of pork that you like)
1 cabbage, cut into thick strips and rinsed
2 large carrots, diced
2 onions, chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
120 ml of white wine
200 g canned diced tomatoes
1 bay leaf
10 allspice whole
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon dry oregano
1 tablespoon capers
Salt and pepper

How to make

Heat some water in the kettle.
Using a pan over medium-high heat, add the olive oil and add the pork. Sear the pork until golden brown. Add the onions, garlic and stir for about 3-5 minutes until soften.
Pour in the wine and cook for 3 minutes.
 Add the canned tomatoes, spices and bay leaf.
Add some water just to cover the meat and simmer with lid closed for an hour.
Add the carrots and cabbage, stir often and continue to cook with closed lid for 25 minutes. Next add the oregano, salt and pepper.
Continue cooking for 5 minutes and finally add capers. 
Drizzle with some raw extra virgin olive oil and serve.


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