Quince Traditional spoon sweet

One of my favourite spoon sweets and one of the most famous in Greece.  The sweet and a bit of sour quince is absolutely a must try!


1 pound of quince
800 g sugar
3 cups water
3-4 apple geranium* leafs ( I know it’s hard to find this plant so you can use 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract)
3 smashed tears of mastiha 
1 lemon, zest and juice
½ more lemon juice for the peeled quince.
Almond slices

How to make

Using a straight knife peel the quince and cut them into small sticks. Be patience I know it’s a little bit difficult because quinces are very stiff and hard. Sprinkle with the lemon juice to prevent the sticks from tanning.. even if they get dark, don’t worry, they going to get all white while cooking..
Using a saucepan over medium-high heat add the sugar with water, lemon zest, mastiha tears and vanilla extract.
Once it starts boiling add the quince sticks, lower the heat and simmer for about 35-45 minutes. Check and remove any foam that the sweet is bringing to the top.
The sweet is ready when the sirup is thick and smooth. Using a spoon take some syrup from the pot and let some drops on a plate. Let them cool and check if the syrup is thick and ready.. Finally, just before you turn the fire off, add the lemon juice, almond and stir.

If the color of the sweet, is too white, then add some more water and stir over low heat.
Transfer  the quince spoon sweet to sterilized jars.
Serve a teaspoon at a time with a glass of water or use it for a cheesecake!

Apple Geranium ( Arbaroriza)

It's a plant with great aroma  that we use in many recipes, it smells really amazing... I saw it in many flower markets at Danforths Greek Town.


  1. One of my favourite spoon sweets. Quince are in season right now and I am really tempted to make some.

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  3. Γεια σου Ερη μου γλυκιά! Προσπαθούσα από προχθές να αφήσω σχόλιο και ήταν αδύνατον, αλλά σήμερα είμαι χαρούμενη η δοκιμή πέτυχεεε.

    Το κυδώνι γλυκό είναι ένα από τα αγαπημένα μου, το έφτιαχναν στο σπίτι αλλά θυμαμε ότι το περνούσαν στον τρίφτη, εδώ εκτός από γλυκό σταφύλι δεν έχω φτιάξει ποτέ. Καλοφαγατο!!!!

    Με την αγάπη μου και φιλιά σου ευχομαι ένα Καλό Μεσημέρι.

  4. Hi Eri, this is one of my most favourite childhood sweets, thanks to my grandma..Thankfully a friend of mine has arbaroriza at home so, now that you posted this,I will HAVE to make some..Needless to say,no jars will be sterilized..it will vanish straight from the pot...hahaha..XO

  5. Εύγευστο, αρωματικό, απίθανο, ιδιαίτερο γλυκάκι!!!!!!
    Γεια στα χέρια σου Eri :)
    Καλό βράδυ

  6. I really like to make some Quince Traditional spoon sweet. I think that its really historical and delicious. I think that I would enjoy the experience on having some of it.


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