Tart “Mediterraneo”

A yummy tart with popular Mediterranean ingredients.  I could almost see and smell the Mediterranean sea in Toronto this weekend..


Whole-wheat Carrot loaf with olive oil, raisins and walnuts

A super-healthy dessert; perfect for kids and very easy to make ...


Spanakopita – The famous spinach and cheese pie

I think that Spanakopita is the most famous recipe of the Greek Cuisine that you can find anywhere.
 This is a slightly different version with feta cheese and béchamel sauce.


Lentil Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh salad is one of the most famous salads in the Middle Eastern Cuisine. The last 10 years this salad has gained its place in Greek Cuisine. I am suggesting a different kind of a tabbouleh salad not with bulgur but with lentils. I hope you like it!


Greek "Fricassee Aygolemono" with chicken, lettuce and celery root

Back in Greece,  Fricassee with lamb is one of the most classic and famous dishes. My suggestion is a lighter version made with chicken, potatoes, celery root and of course the main ingredient Romaine lettuce. The dish is served with the most widely known Greek lemon-egg sauce “Aygolemono”.


Green Salad with Oyster mushrooms, walnuts and Graviera cheese

I love grilled Oyster mushrooms and the combination with walnuts and hearty Greek cheese is so delicious!


(Cyclades Revithada) - Chickpeas Oven Baked

This is the most popular chickpea recipe in the Islands of Cyclades. It is traditionally cooked in special clay pot and it’s baking in a wood oven over night.

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