Watermelon, Feta and Shrimp Salad

Say welcome to summer this weekend with this refreshing light salad.
The watermelon and feta combination is a very common in Greece, putting these two ingredients together, adding the elegant shrimp and spicy red onion will get you this amazing summery salad, to enjoy and declare happily "Summer is here!"
Now the interesting stuff is the different temperatures of the ingredients, especially the watermelon should be very cold and the shrimp hot from the pan ;)

Watermelon, Feta and Shrimp Salad

Ingredients (4 persons)

16 large shrimp, cleaned and deveined
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 medium english cucumber sliced ​
1 cup watermelon cut into bite-sized pieces
150 gr feta cheese, cut into bite-sized pieces
1/2 red onion sliced
​​1/2 cup fresh mint chopped
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
juice of one lime
Salt n lots of freshly ground pepper

How to make

Season the shrimp with salt and pepper.
Place a nonstick frying pan over medium heat and add a teaspoon of olive oil. When the oil is hot, add the shrimp and cook 1-2 minutes per side. Keep aside.
Use a salad bowl and add all the ingredients of the salad, add the shrimp,squize the lime, add salt and pepper and serve immediately.



  1. I'd love to be experiencing summer right now! I love watermelon salads with feta. I haven't made one with prawns before so this looks interesting and like something I need to try xx

  2. This sounds like a great salad for summer. I love watermelon, but never thought of using it in a salad like this.

  3. This is really nice topic, which is very useful for me.

  4. It is really interesting, I hope everybody lick this Post.

  5. I love watermelon salad and never thought to add shrimp…perfect for a summer evening meal outdoors. :)


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