Easy Mini Cheese Pies
Loukoumades (Greek Doughnuts)
Whole Wheat Carrot Loaf with Olive Oil
Cheese and Oats Bread 
French Toast Greek Style with Anthotyro Cheese and Honey
Banana and Mastiha Blast Nog
Orange Spice Cocoa 
Yogurt Pancakes served with honey and figs
Chocolate Waffles and homemade chocolate syrup
Whole Wheat Cinnamon Apple Buns
Bougatsa (Sweet Custard Phyllo Pie) 
Greek Yogurt Cheese Pies (Kourou)


Oven baked Vegetable Patties
Mini Rolls With Green Onions, Olives and Feta 
Stuffed Vine Leaves With Rice, Raisins and pinenuts
Mixed Seafood
Puff Pastry Pinwheels with Feta cheese 
Pizza Muffins
Baked Mini Corn Dogs 
Shrimp, Leek and Spinach Souffle 
Caprese Tartlets 
Potato Crusted Zucchini Omelet
Broccoli and Cheese Muffins
Mushroom Croquettes
Spinach and Cheese Tartlets Nests


Chicken Meatball Soup With Vegetables
Seafood and Coconut Chowder
Red Lentil soup with Bacon and Potatoes 
Pumpkin Meatball Soup


Avocado and Orange Green Salad
Layered Beet Salad with Yogurt, Feta and Balsamic Vinegar
Potato Salad with Sun-dried Tomatoes, green onions and lemon vinaigrette
Beet Salad With Yogurt and Walnuts
Chicken Salad With Lemon Sauce
Green Salad with Fennel, Orange and Roasted Scallops
Green Salad with Oyster Mushrooms and Graviera Cheese
Lentil Tabbouleh
Greek Style Quinoa Salad 
Tuna Salad With Cucumber and Olives 
Mixed Green Salad with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette
Greek Cabbage Salad
Tabbouleh Salad with peppers and haloumi cheese 
Potato Salad for a crowd
Thracian Eggplant Salad
Green Salad with Baked Feta and Pita Croutons
Summery Tortellini Salad

Main Dishes

Greek Yiouvetsi (Orzo) served with Chicken Rolls
Fish Fillet With Olives, Capers and Cherry Tomatoes
Stuffed Chicken Thighs With Asparagus and Mustard Sauce
Shrimp Saganaki (Oven baked shrimp in tomato sauce with Feta Cheese)
Lemony Beef with Sweet Paprika and Rice
Pasta with White Vegetable Sauce and Shrimps 
Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Sun-dried Tomatoes, peppers and Feta cheese
Greek Risotto with Shrimp and Zuchinni
Oven Baked Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Onions
Greek Fricasse (Chicken with Lettuce Leaves, potatoes, celery root, served with egg and Lemon sauce)
Pasta With Bell Peppers and Light Yogurt Sauce
Meatloaf with Basil sauce 
Braised Pork With Cabbage and Capers
Grilled Salmon With Vegetable Sauce
Pork Tenderloin stuffed with spinache and cheese 
Smothered Pork and Chicken With Olives in a wine sauce 
Braised Lamb with Vegetables 
Braised Chicken with potatoes and leek cooked in yogurt
Fennel Risotto with Crispy Sesame Shrimp
Braised Chicken with Onions
Curried Fish Fillet With Greek Couscous
Swedish Meatballs
Baked Butter beans with Salami and Capers
Braised Porkloin with Quince and Plum
Squid in Tomato Sauce
Braised Pork with Leeks and Celery over a Yogurt-egg and Lemon Sauce
Chicken and Bacon Souvlaki
Salmon with roasted Lemons, Fennel and Tomatoes
Thracian Meatballs
Mediterranean Spiced Chicken with Avocado Dip
Stuffed Veggies
Modern Greek Moussaka
Blackeyed Peas with Sausage and grilled Eggplant
Juicy Chicken with an amazing glaze and Mint Rice
Seafood Paella
Stuffed Zucchini with Rice and Mushrooms
Home made Gnocchi with summer pesto
Eggplant filled with ground beef 
Wine braised Chicken with Mushrooms and Tarragon
A smart Mac n Cheese
Roast Lamb with Herbs and Potatoes
Chicken Gyros  
 Meatballs Saganaki
Chicken Roast with Herbs and Hasselback Potatoes
Braised Pork with Leeks and Mushrooms 
Lamb with greens fricassee  
Briam - Mixed Summer Vegetables

Pies - Savory Tarts - Breads

Chicken Pie With Carrots and Zucchini
Delicious Mushroom Pie
Bell Peppers Pie with Ham and Poppy Seeds
Kaltsounia (Mini Cheese Pies with Mint)
Spinach and Cheese Pie
Mediterranean Tart With Artichokes, Olives and Sun-dried Tomatoes 
Beef Pie with Bulgur and Cumin 
Whole Wheat Tart with Zucchini Blossoms
No knead Cheesebread
Ham Cheese Phyllo Pie


Pinwheel Cookies stuffed with sesame and honey
Olive Oil Chocolate Chip and Nut Cookies
Spinach and Carrot Cookie Wreaths
Greek Easter cookies
Spanish Olive Oil cookies with Fennel seeds
PB&J Thumbprint Cookies with Chocolate Glaze
Coffee Cardamom chocolate Chip Cookies


Quince Traditional Spoon Sweet 
Greek Jam Tart
Sweet Pumpkin Pie
Thracian Baklava with dried figs and sesame seeds
Apple in a blanket
Chocolate Bars with Fruits and Nuts
Easy Sweet Milk Phyllo Pie
Vegan Cinnamon Orange Cake
Nutella, Banana Meringue Tartlets
Chocolate Orange Peels
Lemon Strawberry Cheesecake
Chocolate Fudge ice Cream Sandwich with Cherry Sauce
Blueberry and White Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Walnut Cake with Caramel Sauce 
Chewy Caramel Nut and Wafers Squares 
Fudge cake with chocolate mousse 
Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins 
Chocolate Salami (Kormos) w roasted coconut

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